About Adhesives & Bonding Expo

Adhesives & Bonding Expo is North America’s first free-to-attend exhibition and conference which connects bonding technology providers (adhesives, sealant, lamination and more) with the full range of end user buyers, as well as the entire chemical and equipment supply chain. If you are looking for industrial solutions to bind materials together, for any function, this is a critical event for your calendar in 2020.

Situated in Detroit, the heart of industrial America, this exhibition is ideally located to bring together design engineers, from a diverse range of manufacturing sectors, looking for bonding systems to assembly efficient, durable and light-weight components. The exhibition will feature a host of production verticals: automotive & transportation, aerospace, construction, appliances & furniture, medical, electronics and many more.


Adhesives & Bonding Expo is the must-attend event for any engineer looking for solutions in assembling (or joining) similar or dissimilar materials to build complex structures or devices or fabricate a new beneficial surface that addresses a technological need such as bond strength, biocompatibility or corrosion resistance. At this exhibition, industrial and construction engineers will be able to find answers on how to select the right adhesive materials, and other bonding applications (e.g. sealants, surface treatment), to generate the optimum mechanical properties for any product. Alongside structural applications, functional adhesives and innovative bonding approaches will play a critical role in supporting manufacturing trends – digitalisation, additive manufacturing and more – and this forum provides a networking hub for these advancements.

Today’s bonding technologies are allowing the utilization of new engineered materials (i.e. composites, alloys, high-strength steel, nanostructured materials) into transformative design concepts and high technology assembly. For the first-time in North America, Adhesives & Bonding Expo gives the end-user market a chance to meet, face-to-face, with the whole community of bonding product and equipment manufacturers, including: adhesives, sealants, surface treatment, polymer analysis, dispensing and curing equipment & machinery, raw materials, recycling and testing.



Co-Located event

Adhesives & Bonding Expo will co-locate with Foam Expo, North America's leading exhibition and conference for the manufacturers and buyers of technical foam products and technologies, as well as the entire foam supply chain. 

Foam Expo serves all types of foam and raw materials used in the manufacture of foam and foam-related products. The exhibition will profile molded, rigid and flexible foam solutions utilizing materials ranging from urethanes to elastomeric materials such as rubber and PVC, as well as a range of equipment and machinery manufacturers, and foam service providers. The end result will be a single marketplace for foam manufacturers to meet with their supply chain and existing and potential buyers.

Foam Expo will highlight the latest product applications, services and equipment from multiple sectors, including: adhesives & sealants, converting & fabricating, equipment & machinery, foam manufacturing, raw materials, recycling and testing from the following industry verticals: aerospace, automotive, construction, medical, packaging, and sports & leisure. 

About the Organizer

Smarter Shows (Tarsus) Ltd. is an international exhibitions and conferences organiser focusing on technical events for the manufacturing and engineering sectors. Smarter Shows’ portfolio of events includes Space Tech Expo USA, Space Tech Expo Europe, Ceramics Expo, Foam Expo Europe, Foam Expo North America, Adhesives & Bonding Expo, Future Vehicles NVH Summit and NetZero Build Conference.