Why attend Adhesives & Bonding Expo?

Adhesives & Bonding Expo is an annual exhibition-led, commercially-focused event that connects bonding technology providers with a wide range of end user market buyers. As material innovations, such as composite materials, continue to proliferate in several industry sectors, adhesives and bonding technologies become ever more critical in production methodology. This show will have the whole value chain of joining/bonding (adhesive, moulding, sealing and foaming) represented, enabling OEMs, Tier 1 & 2 to solve engineering and design problems, and create new opportunities.

Exhibition highlights include:

  • A comprehensive showcase of all material bonding technologies, including surface treatment, curing, bond inspection and all adhesive formulations based on chemistry, form or type
  • An opportunity to learn about the latest bonding processes for binding any material (polymer, metal, rubber, plastic, wood, ceramic, foam and more) for a host of structural and functional applications
  • An industry platform to promote your organisation’s bonding capabilities for engineering and industrial applications
  • Insight into automated systems enabling robust and precise material bonding in modern assembly lines

Benefits of attending:

  • Find innovative bonding solutions which help your business achieve a competitive advantage in product design and delivery.
  • Access unparalleled quality content from the two-track conference covering adhesive application and all aspect of bonding technologies.
  • Network with global representatives from the entire technical bonding supply chain
  • Learn about the latest innovations across the entire bonding process – techniques for pre-treatment of substrates, adhesive formulation and application, fast-curing devices (e.g. LED UV), sealants and other applications to protect against degradation by corrosive agents.
  • Find new testing regimes which accurately evaluate the behaviour and durability of industry-relevant multi-material joints.
  • Get a unique account of disruptive methodologies such as reversible multi-material bonds and closed loop material cycles to improve sustainability.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of automated solutions for dispensing adhesives and bonding materials so that you can future-proof your assembly lines and pass on the value to your customers.

Audience Profile

Adhesives & Bonding Expo will draw attendance from the entire bonding technology supply chain and buyers from the following end user markets, including automotive, aerospace, construction, appliances and furniture, medical device, packaging, electronics and many more.


Industry  Exhibitors Attendees
Aerospace, automotive and transportation (maritime, rail, infrastructure)  
Building and construction  
Alternative energy  
Plant engineering and maintenance  
Consumer goods and appliances  
Adhesive and sealant manufacturer  
Raw materials provider  
Bonding, adhesives, sealant equipment and machinery  
Polymer and surface analysis  
Manufacturing services  
Testing and certification services  
Research and academic  


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