Adhesives & Bonding Expo and all co-located events rescheduled due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus). New dates announced: August 25, 26, 27, 2020. Full statement here.


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Conference Overview

Adhesives & Bonding Expo will feature engaging panel discussions from high-level speakers, both in the end user market (automotive, aerospace, construction, medical, electronics and appliances) and the bonding technology supply chain. These participants will bring insightful business case studies on how bonding technology enable design flexibility, address technical engineering problems and created value in their products. If you have questions on the potential of bonding technologies to solve a manufacturing challenge in your business, this commercially-driven forum can help you.

We are excited to announce the agenda soon but expect to see discussions around:

  • The potential of new bonding technologies to enable design flexibility and automated assembly for OEMs.
  • Selection and application of adhesive materials, across construction and manufacturing, to ensure structural integrity and durability with high-strength bonds.
  • Evaluating the behaviour (performance, re-assembly and repair) of industry-relevant multi-material joints. How can new approaches engineer products which create value for your business?
  • Specific examples on the efficient assembly of multi-material vehicles, including the incorporation of light-weight composites, which are durable in performance and fatigue resistant.
  • A comprehensive look at the range of application for adhesives, including the development of composite materials, through laminate processes, which achieve improved strength, stability, appearance and sound insulation.
  • Understanding how robust, automated bonding technologies can be integrated into your business model.
  • The future for bonding processes in design engineering, rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing.
  • How to create sustainable solutions to bonding technologies to reduce environmental impact and accomplish closed-loop economy.

Further information on the conference will be available Summer 2019.