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The call for speakers is now open and we invite you to register your interest to speak at the very first edition of the Adhesives and Bonding Conference through our online form.

This industry-led conference features exclusive talks and engaging panel discussions from elite speakers, both in the end-user market (automotive, aerospace, construction, medical, electronics and appliances) and throughout the bonding technology supply chain. Participants will bring insightful business case studies on how bonding technology enables design flexibility, address technical engineering problems and creates value in their products.

The research for the full agenda is ongoing and we welcome your input. Possible agenda topics for Adhesives and Bonding Conference:

  • Design engineering with structural adhesives
  • Selection and application of adhesive materials, across construction and manufacturing, to ensure structural integrity and durability with high-strength bonds
  • Multi-material bonding and assembly
  • Design and production of advanced composite bounded joints
  • Mechanical properties of laminated composites
  • Pre-treatment of substrates to ensure reliability and durability in bonded structure
  • One part/two-part curing adhesives for OEM applications:
  • Dynamic performance of adhesive structural bonds
  • The use of structural adhesives to reduce noise, vibration and harshness (NVH)
  • Automation in the metering, mixing and dispensing of adhesives and sealants
  • Methods for evaluating adhesive systems and adhesion
  • Overview of technologies for adhesive debonding
  • Evaluating the behaviour (performance, re-assembly and repair) of industry-relevant multi-material joints
  • Applications for adhesives, including the development of composite materials, through laminate processes, which achieve improved strength, stability, appearance and sound insulation
  • Sustainable solutions to bonding technologies to reduce environmental impact and enable incorporation into the closed-loop economy
  • The future for bonding processes in design engineering, rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing

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Deadlines & Selection Criteria 

  • Speaking slots are allocated on merit and relevance to the topics on the agenda
  • Commercial presentations – such as product or company reviews – will not be accepted
  • There are no registration fees to take up this opportunity
  • Speaking slot timings and formats will be finalised as the program is completed, depending on the subject matter to be addressed.
  • The deadline for submissions is Friday September 13, 2019
  • We will endeavour to review all submissions within 6-8 weeks after the deadline

Submissions will be evaluated in terms of:

  • Importance of topic to conference attendees
  • Inclusion of an end user as either lead or co-presenter
  • Objective, educational, non-commercial content
  • Clearly defined benefits for attendees 
  • Knowledge and experience of the speaker


For any questions please contact:

 Fleur Jonker – Senior Conference Producer

 [email protected]
 Europe: +44 1273 916 313 (United Kingdom)
 Toll free: +1 855 436 8683 (USA)

Adhesives & Bonding Conference 2020 is co-located with Foam Expo North America Conference

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"The Foam Expo Conference was an excellent experience, I enjoyed having the opportunity to speak in front of such a diverse audience. There were people that we do not normally communicate with, that we could show our message about our transition. Overall, it exceeded my expectations”

“Speaking at the conference was very good, it was a big venue, very well attended and with lots of questions asked, so I made a lot of good contacts”

“Speaking at the Foam Expo Conference was great, it is well attended by a diverse group of people – from automotive to adhesives and rubber industries – and is exciting to connect with these people by listening to presentations”

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