Selecting and validating the right adhesive to create strong and durable bonds that meet existing assembly line requirements can be a drain on resources.

 At the Adhesives & Bonding Expo, you will gain invaluable insights on process optimization and bond design from industry leaders speaking at the conference such as Bostik, HB Fuller, Microsoft, GE Healthcare, Center of Automotive Research, and Sika. They will share their expert knowledge on application requirements; bonding smooth, greasy or dissimilar materials; optimizing surface preparation, dispensing, drying, curing and fixture times; real world durability testing in extreme environments, and much more.

Stage 1: Trends & Applications
Stage 2: Manufacturing & Testing
Stage 3: Materials (Roundtables)

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Expert speaker line up includes


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10:00AM - Stage 1: Trends & Applications

Plenary Panel: Staying Ahead of the Curve: How to Achieve the Balance Between Cost Efficiency and Sustainability

11:45AM - Stage 1: Trends & Applications

Panel Discussion: Investigating Technology Trends in Adhesive Markets to Unlock Future Applications

1:45PM - Stage 1: Trends & Applications

Presentations: Understanding the Market: Plotting the Industrialised Future of Biodegradable/Bio-Based Materials and Green Chemistries

1:45PM - Stage 2: Manufacturing & Testing

Presentations: Bonding of Dissimilar Materials: Plastics, Glass & Ceramics, Composites, Metals and Foams

3:30PM - Stage 2: Manufacturing & Testing

Panel Discussion: How to Boost Public Perception of Petrochemical Products without Breaking the Bank

3:30PM - Stage 3: Materials (Roundtables)

Roundtable: Surface Preparation of Smooth or Dirty Surfaces to Ensure Reliability and Durability in Bonded Structure



10:00AM - Stage 1: Trends & Applications

Presentations: Staying Ahead of Global Regulatory Updates for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) to Meet Changing Industry Standards

10:00AM - Stage 2: Manufacturing & Testing

Presentations: Controlling and Speeding Up Drying and Curing Processes of Adhesives to Improve Throughput and Resource Efficiency

11:45AM - Stage 2: Manufacturing & Testing

Presentations: Achieving Lightweighting Through Material Bonding and Composite Structures

11:45AM - Stage 3: Materials (Roundtables)

Buyers Guide: Selecting Adhesives and Joining Methods for Your Application

2:00PM - Stage 1: Trends & Applications

End-User Q&A: Outlining End-User Application Requirements for Bonding and Joining Technologies to Enable Adhesive Technology Development

2:00PM - Stage 3: Materials (Roundtables)

Roundtable: Understanding Flammability Behaviour of Adhesives and Foams and Their Contribution to Burn Behaviour of Parts

3:30PM - Stage 2: Manufacturing & Testing

Panel discussion: Implementing Robotic Metering, Mixing, Dispensing and Inspection of Adhesives for Quality Control and Improved Health and Safety

3:30PM - Stage 3: Materials (Roundtables)

Buyers Guide: Improving Material Properties Through Advancements in Raw Material, Additive and Processing Technologies to Meet Market Specifications


10:00AM - Stage 2: Manufacturing & Testing

Presentations: Testing and Validating Adhesives to Meet Application and Assembly Line Requirements 

11:45AM - Stage 1: Trends & Applications

Industry Spotlight: Discovering the Requirements of the Energy Efficient and Sustainable Building Market

1:15PM - Stage 1: Trends & Applications

Industry Spotlight: Examining Bonding Technologies for Batteries and Electronics in Future Vehicles to Improve Weight, Durability and Thermal Performance


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About the conference

Co-located with Foam Expo, the Adhesives & Bonding Expo features a three-day, three track conference organized around three core themes, where 80+ speakers will get together to discuss industry trends & applications; testing & validation, processing and manufacturing; material selection & optimizing properties.

In addition, the show features several new session formats such as:

Buyers’ guides: aimed at helping buyers select the right adhesive and foam technologies for their application
Roundtables: focused in-depth discussions on topics such as composites manufacturing and lightweighting
End-user Q&As: all about understanding end-user challenges such as leveraging application requirements, assembly line or cost limitation
Industry spotlight: interview style session which highlights specific end-user industry challenges and requirements


Why attend

Gain an understanding of next generation adhesive and foam technologies for your specific application and assembly line requirements
Learn about property and process improvements such as thermal resistance; UV resistance; faster curing times; and surface treatment
Learn best practices and advancements in performance testing of adhesives and foams, such as: real world durability testing in extreme environments; high loading rate and standardizing testing methods
Get updates on key industry drivers such as sustainability, regulations, and end-user market trends

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