We are looking forward to coming back to Foam Expo next year already…we’re already signed up and we’re ready to go!

Mark Daniels, Vice President Transportation, Sika Corporation

‘Trade shows are so important, you have the depth of impact, you have immediacy, and you get to see how everything works and what it does, that’s an opportunity that you can’t get online!’

Mr Hal Wilson – President - Air & Water Systems

‘The floor had so many people walking it, right from the beginning this morning, it’s incredible!

Jim Manter, Director of Operations, CIMACO Solutions

"The whole goal of this show is to expose our products to potential customers - so far it's been a success!’

Mike Wagner Delta ModTech Bus. Dev.

‘So far, Adhesives & Bonding Expo has been outstanding…we’ve already seen a lot of traffic, we hope to see a lot more, everything has been going really great’

Nathan Whitford, Global Product Manager for Electric Vehicle and OEM Team, H.B. Fuller

‘Foam Expo so far has been really, really good. We were really looking forward to get back to the industry, to talk to the customers, show what we can do and it’s great seeing all of the industry back together. So far, so good!

Gustavo Reyes Technical Customer Service Director, Henkel North America and Mexico

“Really good traffic, strong through both Tuesday and Wednesday so far. Definitely a diverse array of customers, people that are manufacturing, tier 1 suppliers, converters, which we love to see.”

Noah Thacker, 3M, Activation Marketer

‘We have been a long-time participant of the show since the first edition, this is our first show back and it’s good to be back and interacting with people face to face. It’s also great to see Foam Expo is expanding to adhesives as well as foam, that expansions lends well to our business’

Jon Campbell, Product Management Manager, Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions

‘This is our fourth show with Foam Expo and every year it’s been fantastic, we’re here to see all our customers and prospective customers and there’s a lot here’

Richard Hungerford JR, President & CEO, Edge-Sweets Company

‘It’s our first show out of COVID, everyone’s excited to be back on the road, shaking hands, talking to customers. Yesterday was really busy!’

David Carbone, Sr Manager, Channel Development, Henkel Corporation

‘We’re pleasantly surprised by the attendance here, we’ve been steady busy. It was good to see everybody again, and it builds confidence.’

Kevin Coz, Sales Manager, Pazliv NA