There are many different applications within the construction industry that require bonding technology and adhesives. Situations include timber jointing, roofing, wall coverings, carpet laying, countertop lamination and ventilation connections. Bonding technologies are not just a subject for contractors but also a key question for architectural firms planning materials incorporated into new building designs.

Technical adhesives may have connective strengths which surpass mechanical connections and can be necessary with the increasing adoption of non-metallic composites, such as carbon fibre, fiberglass panels and other structural plastics, which offer better weight-to-strength ratios but cannot be welded together. 

Smarter Shows are particularly excited to host discussions on this subject in Detroit because of the city’s stunning collection of 20th century architecture and huge investment in construction projects in recent years.

Adhesives & Bonding Expo will provide executives, engineers and purchasing and procurement professionals with the latest bonding solutions for construction applications.