Exhibit at Adhesives & Bonding Expo 2022


Why exhibit?

If you manufacture technical adhesives, raw materials, process equipment and technologies for the bonding industry, or bonding technology for automotive, transportation, aerospace, machinery, construction, consumer appliances, furniture and packaging, then Adhesives & Bonding Expo is where you can connect with thousands of buyers from across the technical supply chain and end-user markets. It's the essential event for the adhesives and bonding industry and will give exhibitors the opportunity to:

  • Forge close commercial relationships with buyers seeking a range of bonding solutions for real engineering challenges

  • Connect with thousands of buyers and suppliers from across the entire bonding technology supply chain, including raw materials providers, adhesive and sealant manufacturers, process equipment manufacturers and all associated services

  • Expand into new verticals by understanding the needs of a range of end-user markets including automotive, aerospace, construction, appliances and furniture, medical device and electronics

  • Utilize our extensive industry reach before, during and after the show to demonstrate your expertise, launch a new product, benchmark your competitors’ products and research the market

Exhibitors in 2021 included




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Exhibitor profile:

Supply materials

Adhesion promoters Silicone fluids Butyl rubber  Nitrile rubber
Polyester resin Polyols Acrylic polymers  Polychloroprene
Polyolefins Curing agents Hydrocarbon resins  Resins
Photoinitiators Polyimide additives Rosin esters  Tackifier resins
Latex binders Copolyester resin Expoxy resin  Elastomers
Hardeners Modifiers Polyethylene  Polyglycols
Biocides Fungicides Resin dispersions  Amidoamines
Pigmentation Thermosets Polyvinyl acetate  Primer


Manufacturer Products      
Solvent-based adhesives Polymer dispersion adhesives/emulsion adhesives Pressure-sensitive adhesives  Contact adhesives
Anaerobic adhesives Hot-melt adhesives Thermoplastics  Laminate adhesives
Multi-component adhesives One-part adhesives Ultraviolet (UV) light curing adhesives   Protein adhesives
Expoxies Urethanes Polyimides  Cyanoacrylates
Methacrylate Vinyl acetate


 Laminating nylon
Speciality adhesives Water-based adhesives Bioadhesives  Instant adhesives


Surface and polymer analysis      
Secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) X-ray photoelectron (XPS) Auger electron spectroscopy (AES)  Scanning auger microscopy (AES/SAM)
Dynamic vapor sorption (DVS) technology Inverse gas chromatography (IGC)  Process and analytical  Failure analysis
Moisture measurement Particle size determination  Liquid property evaluation  Thermal shock
Heat aging Tensile properties  Humidity shock  Inspection equipment
Microbial monitoring

Bond strength

 Force measurements  Torque measurements
Peel strength measurements Release properties measurement Friction measurements Fuorescence spectrometry
Raman spectroscopy Noise and vibration test sytem Gel permeation chromatography  Mass spectrometry
Near infrared spectometry Quality control Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR) Measurement of delamination


Process equipment      
Dispensing system UV curing system Die cutting Knife cutting
Dispensing valves Cartridges and nozzles Syringe barrels Mixing systems
Fluid dispensers  Plasma treatment Infrared heat Spray applicators
Slot applicators  Bead applicators Dosing technology Filling systems
Precision metering In-line dispensing system Pump technology Drying systems
Additive manufacturing  Laser systems Gluing machinery Autoclave control systems
Filtration equipment Filling machinery Agitators Composite-curing ovens
Laminating equipment Film lamination Hot melt lamination Ultrasonic lamination 


Bonding technology      
Laser bonding Wire bonding Die bonding Graphite bonding
Aluminium bonding Silicon bonding Plastic bonding Textile bonding
Optical bonding  Composite bonding Adhesive bonding Dental bonding
Metal bonding Glass bonding Expoxy bonding Lamination


“Really good traffic, strong through both Tuesday and Wednesday so far. Definitely a diverse array of customers, people that are manufacturing, tier 1 suppliers, converters, which we love to see.”

"Adhesives & Bonding Expo has been outstanding…we’ve already seen a lot of traffic, we hope to see a lot more, everything has been going really great’"



"We are looking forward to coming back to Foam Expo next year already…we’re already signed up and we’re ready to go!"


Noah Thacker, 3M, Activation Marketer

Nathan Whitford, Global Product Manager for Electric Vehicle and OEM Team, H.B. Fuller

Mark Daniels, Vice President Transportation, Sika Corporation