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JUNE 25 – 27, 2024



JUNE 25 – 27, 2024






“The show has been good so far! We have seen a lot of people coming to our booth, and we are happy and satisfied. We’ve met a few existing customers already and a few new ones – we got a whole lead list.”

Severin Brandl, Head of Business Development North America, Drei Bond Gmbh



“Our experience has been excellent. In just the short time we’ve been here we’ve had a lot of traffic and people checking out our products. Events like these are extremely important because they bring people together. It’s the networking, it’s seeing people face-to-face and physically showing them our product, and they can ask questions in real time. I would definitely recommend exhibiting, for the networking and ability to show what your capabilities are and to meet all the people that are in your industry. It’s a great opportunity.”

Matthew Smiley, Sales Manager, General Sealants



“What I’ve enjoyed most about the Adhesives & Bonding Expo is the diversity of people that are here from the adhesives industry. There’s everybody here from materials suppliers, processing, and equipment all right here together under one roof.”

David Dworak, Material Scientist, Dymax Corporation 



“It’s a great show as it puts us in direct contact with our suppliers and customers, literally face to face. It helps us cover a lot of ground that we couldn’t do by ourselves.”

Marlen Valverde, Business Development Manager, H.B. Fuller 



“There's been a lot of good traffic to our booth. We've met a lot of potential customers and current customers. We're happy to be showcasing our new technologies here at the show.”

Daniel Henry, Senior Market Field Manager, Sika



“This year's show has been vibrant as usual, we've had a lot of good conversations with current customers, prospects, and suppliers. It's a great place for us to get together with the industry and keep pushing forwards for adhesives, tapes, and bonding.”

Jim Brazytis, Senior Marketing Communications Manager, Avery Dennison Performance Tapes



“We're glad to be exhibiting at the show for the first time this year, and we have had a good chance to connect with customers locally and re-establish those bonds with them.”

Jen Arkens, Marketing Coordinator, Ellsworth Adhesives



“What I've enjoyed most at the Expo has been the focus on sustainability everywhere. In the panel discussions and in walking around you see so many booths talking about bio-content, reducing carbon, and then critically having those conversations, because this is a topic that involves suppliers, and customers - it really informs us where we can bridge these connections and work together to try and come up with what can be a good solution.”

Jeffrey Peet, Global R&D Manager – Adhesive Systems, Saint Gobain



“My experience at the show so far has been great, we have had a lot of traffic at the booth, had some great discussions, and generated some good leads. Events like this are important for the industry because it gives companies a chance to showcase their products and new innovations both to existing customers as well as potential customers, all under one roof. I would recommend exhibiting at Adhesives & Bonding Expo because it really has given us an opportunity to talk to customers, understand their needs and propose solutions. Creating that dialogue can really help us promote our business.”

Laura Sivec, R&D Senior Technician, L&L Products, Inc



“My experience has been great at the show so far, with a lot of heavy traffic, a lot of good conversations, eager customers, people looking for solutions and we're happy to help them find them. Expos like this are super important, it's a great networking event. We not only connect with current vendors but when you work for people you just can't have those interactions via email. If I can meet somebody, put a face to the name, and actually have an engaging conversation and show them some of the products we're talking about it goes that much further in the sales cycle. I would wholeheartedly recommend Adhesives & Bonding Expo. Everybody under the sun that sells adhesives is at this show, not only our vendors but our competitors too. So, anybody looking for bonding solutions is going to be at this show. You need to be here.”

Dugan Kemple, Engineering Sales Representative, Ellsworth Adhesives



“The experience has been awesome. We've seen a lot of industry contacts I haven't seen in a long time. We've been able to reconnect and see what their growth agendas are and if they align with us with any opportunities to partner up. Today we've also seen a lot of R&D and engineering contacts that have come through our booth to discuss new projects so overall it's been awesome. It's a great way to check out the innovations and see what the trends and focus are going to be over the next 3 to 4 years as well as to meet customers who are always coming here looking for a solution, I would definitely recommend the event to anyone in the industry.”

Mark Ecker, Industrial Sales Manager, Huntsman Advanced Materials





“I met people who were using foam in ways I had never even considered. It was a very enlightening experience.”

Robert Copenhaver, Cordaroy's Wholesale



“Previously, we've had only 1 foam supplier. Now we have 4....yeah!”

James Smith, H-P Products Inc.



“I was able to find many new potential suppliers and meet with existing suppliers. It was our first time at the show, and we realized we should have been coming for years!”

Ford Mcdermott, Optimum technologies, inc.



“It is the single best source for foam manufacturers and fabricators who can help design and produce foam parts/products. For end users and designers there is no better single venue you can go to become familiar with new technologies in foam production and converting. “

Patrick Shabal, PANELTIM USA LLC



“Making new business connections, we have engaged with multiple exhibitors who have become suppliers.”

Martin Hutchinson, JKW Thermal



“This event directly helped me find exhibitors who can produce materials we use in our business. We also talked directly with equipment manufacturers.”

Lee Krieger, Wind Catcher RC



“One stop spot to locate new suppliers for our specialty product.”

Joshua Pfenning, Riedell



“Being able to touch different foams and discuss applications in person with product engineers is valuable.”

Dave Sullivan, Sur-Seal



“Helps source vendors that would be hard to find otherwise.”

Ryan Whitwood, RPB Safety



“It allows me to meet with multiple suppliers in a very short amount of time while minimizing travel.”




“Connecting with suppliers on new technologies - benchmarking new technology.”

Chad Durkee, Forvia



“Helps me discover companies and find solutions to unique problems. It saves me time if I need to find a solution in the future.”

Russell Dunnagan, L&L Products



"I am in Core Research, the show helps me to learn about where the industry is going (e.g. suppliers and competitors) and the novelties from equipment manufacturers.”

Edoardo Nicoli, Dow Chemical



"My experience couldn't be better! The audience was the right audience, and the level of engagement was phenomenal. I left the stage feeling like there's work to be done with new potential customers. The show overall has been really busy, I have met lots of suppliers and customers from around the world, so it has been an amazing networking opportunity for me."

Bruno Motta, Global Project Manager, Henkel



"It’s really nice to see everyone back to business. The show has been great so far and we’ve had a significant amount of traffic to our booth. We will be back next year for sure!"

Brenden Killeen, Senior Product Manager - Global Aerospace, H. B. Fuller



"The show is really well organized, and I have had lots of conversations. I was happily surprised by the amount of traffic the booth was getting. This event is a good fit for us because we are a high-tech search engine for adhesive requirements so to access the whole supply chain is perfect."

Andreas Reisenzahn, General Manager, Substratec



"The shows really good because we can access the whole supply chain, so we not only get to see our customers, but also our customers customers so it ties everything up nicely. The people here speak the same language, so we know we’re going to be talking with the right people."

Brandon White, Business Development Manager, Worldwide Foam



“We have noticed a shift in exhibitions in the United States, this seems to be one that keeps growing and keeps providing value for us as exhibitors.”

Raphael Bretz, Sales Manager, Hennecke Group



“One of the coolest things about this expo and conference is how there are different levels of expertise from the supply chain. It's neat because no matter the level of seniority, everyone here is smart enough to handle any technical questions thrown at them.”

Joshua Sabrowsky, Material Engineer, Hyundai-Kia America Technical Center



"We’ve exhibited at Foam Expo for many years and are so excited to be back again, it’s an amazing show! We have chosen Foam Expo to showcase the world premiere of our new generation Vertical Contour Cutting CNC and people love it. We couldn’t be happier."

Uwe Scharfy, CEO at Baumer of America



"It’s been wonderful – it’s great to see familiar faces, especially after Covid-19. The turnout is fantastic and it’s great to see some new technologies in the foam industry that we haven’t seen before. I highly recommend to anyone that has anything to do with the foam industry to attend."

Beth Hank, Director of Business Development, Grand Rapids Foam Technologies



"The traffic has been good – even better than pre-pandemic! We’ve had very productive meetings with vendors as well as customers. This event is a great fit for us as it addresses the entire supply chain face-to-face to chat about the year ahead."

Leon Huang, Marketing Manager, Worldwide Foam



"It’s a really vibrant show with a great turnout. There’s a real good cross-section of OEM and maintenance customers that we were able to get in front of."

Paul Allibone, Business Development Manager, H. B. Fuller



"The experience has been great - it’s been a busy show! It’s a good opportunity to meet with customers and supply chain partners. There are familiar faces and new faces so it’s a great networking opportunity for us... We’re enjoying the show and we hope to exhibit again next year."

Josh Hill, Market Field Manager, Sika Corporation



“A lot of visitors are coming because Detroit is a good spot, for sure. We have the new generation of contour cutting and we choose Foam Expo to exhibit it. We love to be here, great show!”

Uwe Scharfy, Chief Executive Officer (America)



I think the show’s been great, a lot of good leads and discussions with end users and customers, and event suppliers, and other collaborators. We’ll be back next year, absolutely!”

Scott Krusinski, Product Manager, Avery Dennison Performance Tapes







We are looking forward to coming back to Foam Expo next year already…we’re already signed up and we’re ready to go!

Mark Daniels, Vice President Transportation, Sika Corporation



‘Trade shows are so important, you have the depth of impact, you have immediacy, and you get to see how everything works and what it does, that’s an opportunity that you can’t get online!’

Mr Hal Wilson – President - Air & Water Systems



‘The floor had so many people walking it, right from the beginning this morning, it’s incredible!

Jim Manter, Director of Operations, CIMACO Solutions



"The whole goal of this show is to expose our products to potential customers - so far it's been a success!’

Mike Wagner Delta ModTech Bus. Dev.



‘So far, Adhesives & Bonding Expo has been outstanding…we’ve already seen a lot of traffic, we hope to see a lot more, everything has been going really great’

Nathan Whitford, Global Product Manager for Electric Vehicle and OEM Team, H.B. Fuller



‘Foam Expo so far has been really, really good. We were really looking forward to get back to the industry, to talk to the customers, show what we can do and it’s great seeing all of the industry back together. So far, so good!

Gustavo Reyes Technical Customer Service Director, Henkel North America and Mexico



“Really good traffic, strong through both Tuesday and Wednesday so far. Definitely a diverse array of customers, people that are manufacturing, tier 1 suppliers, converters, which we love to see.”

Noah Thacker, 3M, Activation Marketer



‘We have been a long-time participant of the show since the first edition, this is our first show back and it’s good to be back and interacting with people face to face. It’s also great to see Foam Expo is expanding to adhesives as well as foam, that expansions lends well to our business’

Jon Campbell, Product Management Manager, Saint-Gobain Tape Solutions



‘This is our fourth show with Foam Expo and every year it’s been fantastic, we’re here to see all our customers and prospective customers and there’s a lot here’

Richard Hungerford JR, President & CEO, Edge-Sweets Company



‘It’s our first show out of COVID, everyone’s excited to be back on the road, shaking hands, talking to customers. Yesterday was really busy!’

David Carbone, Sr Manager, Channel Development, Henkel Corporation



We’re pleasantly surprised by the attendance here, we’ve been steady busy. It was good to see everybody again, and it builds confidence.’

Kevin Coz, Sales Manager, Pazliv NA